The Big Picture

The Era of connected things is imminent if not entirely already here. Ask yourself a simple question: In a world where cars are autonomous, space travel is a vocation and AI is deeply interwined within our society, can there still be an appetite for millenia old monetary and finance systems?

If you don't want to miss out on the massive upsides of an entirely new kind of economy and asset classes than we invite you to start building your digital portfolio and wealth today.

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What sets Dijets

Dijets is committed to building only the impactful and remarkable. We genuinely want to make cryptocurrencies and Distributed Ledger Technology more accessible & exciting for everyone. Our products cater to the new generation of self-directed managers of ones own wealth & to the seasoned traders/investors/wealth managers equally. Not a moment of our time was or will commit to develop something that in our humble opinion wouldn't qualify as both impactful & remarkable.

Cryptocurrencies are starting to resonate with the world. If you pay attention, you can connect the dots.

Eric Schmidt, Google Founder

The platform
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Ross Smith
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Steve Wilson
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Dave Mitchell
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Nigel Newbury
Nigel Newbury
Managing Director, Datum360 Pty Ltd

A best-in-class solution
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The Datum360 Platform is now recognised as a clear pioneer in the delivery of Connected Data, joining our customers with their data to enable efficiency across projects, into and throughout operations. Our cloud-based enterprise SaaS platform transforms how our customers operate and maintain their facilities.

For the past 10 years our customers have been successfully deploying the Datum360 Connected Data Platform across their global operations. We deliver where others constantly struggle.