Generate an address on Dijets Network

Generate a key pair

Generate a fresh key-pair of a Private & Public Key. The Public and Private key pair comprise of two uniquely related cryptographic keys (basically long random numbers).

Seed an Account

Copy the generated private key & paste it in the box under "Seed". Then click "Create Account". This encrypts your private key & produces the 16byte account record on chain.

Generate the address

Finally, click "Format" to craft a brand new and onchain address for Dijets. As with all other addresses on Dijets Blockchain your address should also start with a prefix "dijets...."


You now have the option to test out your new address by using it on any of Dijets Ternary Chain Ledgers. Remember, that your address will automatically be appended with an alphabet denoting the chain ledger you will be operating your address within.

Address generation on Dijets

Why the hassle?

Its understandable to question why we went down this route to generate simple addresses on Dijets. And why didn't we just stick to the same old randomly generated address method like Ethereum does?

An account on Dijets means a lot more than just a pseudo ID to receive and send money. Dijets Ternay Chain Ledger system and the range of digital products and services within it require the accounts onchain to have certain built-in properties which are specific to Dijets unique Ternary Chain Structure

These properties when put into practice for example when using Rogue Platform, also serve as the means to match ownership of a 'Method' to its respective account address.

Although most users wouldn't need to worry about any of the above processes when generating an address. Its as simple as just a couple of clicks and Dijets Pltforms will do the rest for you.

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