A quick update...

Dec 07 2023 / 16:00 PM

I wanted to drop a quick update on our current development cycle rollercoaster ride.

Exciting news: We're on the brink of wrapping up the work and for the public launch. It's been a very long journey up until this point and now when we are about to wrap up this phase, I can practically feel the buzz of anticipation in the air!

Here's the deal: As we approach the finish line, it's absolutely crucial that we get things right. I know we're all itching to hit that "launch" button, but let's take a collective deep breath and remember why doing this right is critical for obvious reasons. We're not just building another trendy token or a cool new NFT or a forked rollup to serve as glorified subcontractors for the big boys to offload their transactions to. Dijets is about building the new web transforming how we interact online, from how we use cryptocurrencies in our daily lives to how we invest in digital assets to how we exchange value to how we play games, to how we safeguard our data.

As more and more users and institutions across the globe are waking up to the power of zero-trust interactions and cryptographically-backed agreements, we can take comfort in knowing that Dijets Ecosystem is orders of magnitude ahead with its services offering hardwired transparency, reliability, and expediency - exactly the things Internet was built to fulfill. These systems are meant to outlast us all. Something that's not just about now, but about the tomorrows, next years, and decades down the road. Being complacent with that ... well than whats even the point of it all?

Again, I get it, the pressure is real and the wait has been frustrating and we're all running on fumes. But I must reiterate: When seeking & toiling away day and night to create something that stands out in a sea of sameness, rewards and returns become the obvious byproduct. A given. I don't think we'd settle for mediocrity when we have the potential to make waves and we are just trying to do it right without cutting any corners.

I'm confident that we will push through this final stretch with patience & dedication. I have no doubt that what we're creating will be remembered, celebrated, bear fruits and most importantly will make a difference.

Lastly - Please be patient as we finish with all the updates and services are resumed. Some of Dijets service demos have been disabled . Thanking you, for your time.

Saleem Fareed
Founder - Dijets Inc.