Dijets Platform & Protocol

Infinitely scalable & Lightweight

A highly robust & versatile decentralised platform for the new web.

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Heterogenous Network

Dijets is a heterogenous network of multiple blockchains built for specialised usecases.

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User & Utility Centered

Focused on services & solutions that bring blockchain benefits to everyday users.

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Secure and Scalable

Can process thousands of transactions per second without compromising security.

Globally distributed

Anyone in the world can join, help secure the network and earn staking rewards.

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Start your "Dijetal" journey here

Experience the new web where trust models rely on cryptography & game theory instead of external influences, centralised control & intrusive middlemen.


All Web 3.0 journeys begin with setting up a free wallet.


Unified & individual chain explorers for real-time analytics.

Method Arcs

Decentralised LLMs for privacy-focused individual usecases.


Decentralised Instant Messaging with instant transfers.


Own and lease your data anonymously to brands for rewards.


Discover & build virtual worlds on decentralised servers.

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Features & Focus

Develop, integrate, and deploy decentralised solutions that showcase blockchain technology to the masses with unprecedented speed & usability.

Ternary Chain Ledgers

The Value, Utility & Method Chain have all been built to serve their characteristic utilities.

Globally Distributed

Dijets lightweight architecture enables minimal hardware to run a node anywhere in the world.


The Ecosystem is driven by its emphasis on making blockchain innovation accessible for everyone.


Dijets primary objective is to showcase blockchain utility without limitations & unmatched UI/UX.

Developer Friendly

Developers can service their blockchain infrastructure needs without losing performance or flexibility.

Highly Scalable

Designed for unparalleled high performance and availability at global scale.

Access new revenue streams and the blockchain economy

Get in touch to see how your business can use Dijets to facilitate trade, streamline systems, democratise finance, create new revenue streams, and gain a competitive edge over others

A green, energy-efficient protocol

Dijets is designed to power the web’s next big wave of innovation, without the high energy consumption of conventional proof-of-work blockchains. The ternary chains use a very small fraction of energy typically consumed by conventional blockchains.