Security & Compliance

Dijets Inc. is committed to be fully compliant as regulations adapt to address innovation and other changes in the market.

Dijets security


Dijets Inc. does not store user data other than for the purposes of complying with anti-money laundering (AML) & Counter-terrorism finance laws.

FOS/FSCS Disclosure

The Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme do not apply to the cryptoasset services carried on by Dijets Inc.

TLS Encryption

Publicly accessible Dijets Nodes use TLS encryption to secure communications between nodes and users. This prevents eavesdropping and data tampering.

API Bytes

When making API calls to Dijets Node, all bytes (unless otherwise stated) sent/received in an API call/response are in hex or CB58 representation.

Security & Performance Testing

Dijets Inc. conducts regular advanced tests across the network that replicate real-world scenarios to further improve the overall performance of the protocol. These tests include a variety of stress tests, load tests, and practical security tests, which are vital to ensuring Dijets performance, correctness & availability.

The test results can be found published on Github.