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Welcome to Dijets Inc.


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Welcome to Dijets Inc.

Business Development Liaison for Middle East

Lilly is joining Dijets Inc. in the key role of Business Development Liaison for the Middle East region. She is a seasoned expert with a proven track record in fostering strategic partnerships and driving business growth in the tech industry. With an extensive background in blockchain & cryptocurrency technology and a keen understanding of the Middle East market, Lilly brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to Dijets.

Role & Responsibilities

In her role, Lilly will be at the forefront of identifying and capitalising on opportunities for collaboration within the vibrant Middle East tech ecosystem. This involves cultivating relationships with key stakeholders, including Emirati institutions, industry leaders, and potential business partners. Leveraging her in-depth knowledge of the local market, Lilly will play a crucial role in formulating and executing business development strategies that align with Dijets long term goal of simplifying Web3 and bringing its benefits to the masses.

Additionally, Lilly will spearhead lobbying and advocacy efforts to champion Dijets' interests within the region. By engaging with policymakers & associations, Lilly will aim to create an environment that fosters innovation, supports blockchain adoption, and positions Dijets Inc. as a thought leader in the Middle East. Through her strategic initiatives, Lilly will contribute significantly to our expansion efforts, establishing Dijets presence as a trusted partner in the dynamic landscape of the Middle East's evolving technology sector.

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